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We make this announcement with a truly grateful heart...The Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company of Bar Harbor, Maine, located at 300 Main Street has officially closed its doors. The building will be demolished to make way for the expansion of the Local Hospital, Mount Dessert Island. We say thank you for leasing out this humble and deeply loved building! With the season quickly approaching, we will not be able to return to Bar Harbor this season of 2023, but we look forward to all that awaits us and hope to find a new Maine location to call home of Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company!

Welcome to the Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company

The majestic scenery of Acacia National Park has within its boundaries, a timeless treasure:

The Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company... located in Bar Harbor, Maine. You will treasure its will find its service golden...and the richness of memories made celebrating love and life will be second to none!

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