Our Story

The Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company was born out of a love story between time and place, sand and sea, wind, and rain. BHCCC in its truest essence is one family with a passion for sharing love with its community. All 19 owners came willingly to the water’s edge, and it cost us everything! As time turned the pages of our lives, our differences captured our similarities and love prevailed. As our talents, skills, educations, and desires brought us closer to our dreams, Cheesecake found our pallets in a new and different way. The Bar harbor Cheesecake Company was born in our hearts long before it was breathed into existence.


Being in the right place at the right time, standing on the sand by the sea, in the wind and rain, we fell deeper in love than ever before… In the spring of 2019, we were found in Bar Harbor again, this time with great hope of what could be, dreams and visions of life at the water’s edge that held our hearts excitement. And then it happened, Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company opened in late July of 2019 on Cottage Street.  Our story there was much like most short-lived love stories that have a great rise and a great fall, ours however endured the ebb and flow of life and we embraced the challenges that kept us humble.


As our story winded around the journeys of life, we endured great hardships along the way. Challenges that had the potential to weaken each of us, yet we remained in the present together while enduring devastation that only strengthened our resolve.2020 arrived with a splash and offered us change. Even the walls wept where we stood but the offering was too great to remain dismal.  The Covid Pandemic had by now made its place into the world that we all knew, establishing itself as an active and progressive disruption to our daily lives.  And still, in the early summer of that year, Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company opened our doors again at a new location, with a renewed spirit, completely prepared for what was to come.


2021 found our laughter and our love beautifully enveloped in the now more than 60 cheesecake flavors that ignited our excitement. With change and delight, our business grew in the small quaint white house located at the south end of Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine. As you can expect that Summer did not disappoint; the wine flowed, cheesecake vanished, and decadent chocolate truffles arrived on a weekly basis for all to see...  Everything on the outside of our lives increased while the inside of each of us decreased into a more humbled self. We offered as we served. We smiled as we offered. We Laughed with our smiles, and we reached with our Laughter.


Everything that year felt like a song, we were completely in tune. It was as it should be. Our story was being lived out for all the world to see.  We were in love with life and the reasons that we came. That September began another journey.  TheI-95 corridor from the North to the South, nearly 1500 miles stretched out between beautiful cities and wide-open spaces, from Maine to Florida. Hope was bountiful, while intrigue captured most of our days.  St. Augustine Florida now held its own hope while meetings and special moments kept us reaching for more and so it happened, December 21, 2020, Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company opened its second location at 6 Cordova St., St. Augustine, Florida.


The Nights of Lights, Christmas in the Air, the illumination of laughter and love, trolleys everywhere. People came, they saw, they tasted of our hopes and dreams… they entered the vision in the small bungalow that had chocolate walls and stories to tell.  Everything about being here was right, and still the ocean called us into the deep. The spring and summer of 2021 encouraged our expansive skills and introduced even more flavors for the world to taste. People came from Europe, Africa, Asia… down the street, from California, Texas, Colorado, New York, Maine, everywhere. People followed our successes and even our mishaps too, still encouraging our work.


By July of that year, both Bar Harbor and St. Augustine locations operated simultaneously throughout the summer of 2021 and into the fall.  People from Florida found us in Maine and visited us with great delight.  And to, the People from Maine found us in Florida and loved the way that we were…Christmas of 2021 rushed upon us like a Midwest snowstorm, still finding our excitement and our dreams very much alive, looking forward to each new day. Then in the quietness of one soft evening, decorations and nutcrackers arrived and filled the quaint dwelling of 6 Cordova St. with the beauty of Christmas. The display of lights throughout the city of St. Augustine again did not disappoint the masses who came to see the phenomenon of such a beautiful City, and still we served cheesecake.  


That Christmas we offered more of ourselves and listened intently to the chronicles of people's lives. Weddings happened often, Birthday celebrations filled the rooms, while anniversaries of time passed together found gifts of cheesecake on pedestal of love. And yes, this is Love…Finally, here at the Love Tree, in St. Augustine, Florida we encourage your stories to impact our ever-evolving journey of life, embracing the change, capturing the moments that keep us humble, hopeful of the future that keep us together. We invite you into to our special little quaint places near the ocean, desiring for you to feel what we feel, asking you to change us softly. Humbly we serve…BHCCC


Our Locations

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Bar Harbor, ME

Phone Number: (207) 801-9184
Address: 300 Main St, Bar Harbor, ME
Hours 11:11am-11:11pm Everyday

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St. Augustine, FL

Phone Number: (904) 547-2961
Address: 6 Cordova St, St. Augustine, FL 32084
Hours 11:11am-11:11pm Everyday
(All Year Long)

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San Antonio, TX

Grand Opening Coming Soon

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